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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I hire monthly resources or is a fixed price contract mandatory?

'Ongraph' offers both options with varied engagement models. Depending upon project requirements and budget, hire monthly resources or you have the option to create a team around fixed scope with scale-up scale-down opportunity.

  • Dedicated Model - 160 Man Hours Per Month
  • Part Time Dedicated Model – Minimum 80 Man Hours Per Month
  • Time and Material Based – Hour consumed based billing
  • Fixed Price Model – Agreed fixed cost for fixed scope of work
What is the procedure for hiring dedicated resources from OnGraph?

Our process is very simple and transparent for hiring dedicated resources. Once project requirements are shared by you, we analyze and review the necessities and schedule interviews with professionals having relevant skills and expertise. Once the best fit resource is selected, we deploy them with you in dedicated engagement model.

Do you provide resume of developers?

Yes, we do provide detailed resume of best suited developers for hire. You can then shortlist the best developers whose skills and experience suits your requirement, interview them, test them out and finally select them.

What is Exit Policy?

If either of the both parties is unhappy with each other, they are free to end the agreement with one week will be entertained. No additional work beyond one week be entertained in this case and all codes will be handed over on pending billing settlement. There might be specific exit clauses as per specific needs and in such cases, terms mentioned therein will override these general guidelines.

Is there any Penalty Clause for Delayed Project Delivery?

A majority of projects gets delivered beyond their initially planned scheduled. A lot of delays are because of unexpected issues like technical challenges from third party, changes in policies etc. A majority of them happen due to delay in inputs, information and confirmation around use cases. In such cases since no single party can be held accountable, no penalty clause gets applied. In case where there is a clear delay from our end, we are open to engaging with a penalty clause. The tune of penalty and rate of penalty needs to be mutually discussed and agreed upon on case to case basis.

Is there a Project Manager to supervise the resources?

Yes, we assign a Project Manager to supervise your selected resources. Once selected resources comes on-board, Project Manager gets the formal authority over resources and acts as a single point of contract for regular communication and query resolution. He/She coordinates with you for every single requirement and is provided free of charge in most engagements.

Is there an option of replacement in case of dissatisfaction with any resources?

Ofcourse, you are free to replace resource in case you are dissatisfied with a particular resource for a specified period of time. Free and timely replacement would be provided by Ongraph.

Do you offer any discounts?

Yes. Discounts & offers are often made available on a number of occasions for varied services provided in Ongraph. For any special request please do write to us.

How do we start a near shore / offshore software development project?

We follow the following steps for software development project.

  • Receive client’s requirement
  • Research & Requirement Analysis
  • Cost & Time Estimations
  • Negotiation & Contractual Formalities
  • Code Generation
  • Testing
  • Technical Maintenance
Are there any additional charges related to the hiring of dedicated resources with OnGraph?

No. There are no hidden/additional costs included, for hiring resources at Ongraph. Based on the billing country, there might be additional tax component as might be applicable from country to country.

How long does it take for the on-boarding process?

It takes 1-7 working days for resources to come on-board for the project. It completely depends on available skill set at given point of time and complexity of project to be executed.

What is the duration of the free trial? Is the free trial chargeable?

The duration of the free trial is from 20 hours to 7 days. The free trial is risk-free and is not chargeable. If you approve and start working on the project, you can pay for free trial period if you wish.

If I hire a developer, does that mean I have that person dedicated only for me?

Yes, your hired developers are like all other regular employees and will work full-time (8hours a day, 5 days a week) dedicated to your project only. All their leaves and absence will be processed with your consent only.

Is there option of providing resources who work in flexible shifts?

We provide resources who work in Indian Standard Time (+0530 UTC). Ongraph also provides flexibility to schedule meetings at a time that is convenient to you. As we are available at all the best possible communication channels, communication with all our overseas customers has rarely been a challenge. We also offer working in non-standard times and other time zones depending on client’s need. For such cases we need to be informed of such requirement prior to start of engagement.

Will I have the complete control over developers I hire from Ongraph?

Your hired developers will dedicatedly work only for you. Yes, you will have the total access to your team through chat, calls, emails, and Skype with daily and weekly reporting.

How do we communicate and monitor the project development with our hired developer?

We use project management system to monitor daily progress. You will have access to this system where you can create the task, assign work and take the follow up from your hired developers. For faster communication, our developers would be available via IM's (Skype, Gtalk, Hangout, Slack, etc.).

What is the reporting process of the work done? Do I get access to a project management software and timesheet reports.

Ongraph ensures that each client gets regular project status. We share timesheet reports along with complete access of the project management tool. We share reports at a frequency that is decided by you and are available for ad-hoc meetings (usually tele-conferences, or live chat).

Will I own all of the source code produced by my Offshore Team?

Yes, you will. All project works created by your dedicated developers are considered "work made for hire" and the intellectual property rights embodied in it are your sole and exclusive property.

What is expected from us during the course of the development?

It depends on the situation. We will ask you to provide some information & inputs as necessary for successful execution of project.

Do you have your own development center, or do you subcontract work?

We have our own development centers in Noida & Jaipur, India and we do not sub-contract any of our work.

Will You Be Available After Project Sign-off?

Yes, we are available once a project gets signed-off. However, we provide our assistance after project sign-off based on the two conditions such as:

  • Free support for the given time period
  • Paid support after expiry of free support
What Is The Time-Line Of Free Support?

Depending on the length and value of the project, we determine the time-line of free support. Most probably, the time-line can be from 1 month to 6 months.

Will You Be Available For Up-gradation And Maintenance Support In Future?

Yes, we are available in the future for up-gradation and maintenance support. Our assistance will be paid services, billed at actuals. We also offer paid retainer model for long term engagement and priority services.

How do you assure quality in project?

Ongraph's developers are determined to produce quality code. We have formal processes to keep quality under tight control, including periodic code reviews and design walk-through. We focus upon being first-time right, and believe the creation-step itself should be strong.

Every project is handled & approved by the suitable QA/Testing professionals, under stringent test-plans, including unit testing, functional testing, etc.

Is testing incorporated as a component within your pricing structure?

Of course, testing is in our pricing structure, including only manual unit testing and functional testing. We have testing engineers focused on it. Rest of testing like white box, end-to-end, black box, etc., are paid services and available with us. Automated test coverage are not included in pricing structure by default but we do offer them on request.

Do you provide technical support and maintenance?

Yes. We provide technical support and application maintenance services on request. This is offered in both free support period as well as paid retainer support engagement.

How can I make payments to OnGraph?

Payments can be made through PayPal, Wire Transfer and any major credit card. We accept all major currencies, US dollar, Euro, JPY, British Pound, CAD, etc. However, you will be billed hourly, weekly, monthly and fixed cost billing as per your chosen engagement model.

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